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How To Fix Online Banking Connection Problems With QuickBooks Desktop For Windows

The Problem

Recently I had to remove my bank feed settings since my online payments were not working correctly. After removing the online bank feeds from QuickBooks, I closed my QuickBooks and tried to activate online services again in Quickbooks. Unfortunately, I was not able to connect my bank account with QuickBooks 2019. I use Chase Bank as my checking account and online bill payment, but I think many banks will have the same issue. You will have this issue only if you are trying to reset your online services through Quickbooks 2019. this won't be an issue if your online services are already set up, so beware of trying to deactivate online services and reactivating it again.

QuickBooks and Banking Technical Support Issues

After spending lots of time on the phone with QuickBooks and my bank, nobody knew how to fix it. I even asked for different technical support experts thinking that someone knew the problem and how to the solution. I asked for a QuickBooks higher-level technical support team to help me. QuickBooks said a manager would call me, but I never heard from the manager. 

How To Fix Online Banking Connection With QuickBooks

The solution is simple, but it will cost you some money. While in QuickBooks trying to set up online banking again, I noticed that QuickBooks seems to use either use their own browser or maybe an older browser from Microsoft to set up online services with my bank. I then realized that it's a QuickBooks issue since many banks require a newer browser version. This newer browser requirement is for security reasons by many banks. I googled how to change the browser on QuickBooks to connect to online services, but apparently, it can't be changed. The solution was to spend $199 plus tax to purchase QuickBooks 2021 desktop for Windows. If you know of a better solution, please post it below. It's too late for me since I already purchased QuickBooks 2021, but it may help others. It would be nice if the QuickBooks support team knew what they were doing. I spent four hours trying to fix the problem. It's a simple problem that an experienced Quickbooks technical support should know how to solve. They seem to want to blame my bank, and when I call my bank, they want to blame QuickBooks. In this case, it was QuickBooks software that was the issue, not my bank.

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