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Our goal is to offer the most powerful and intuitive iPhone & iPad organizer.  The ability to add data with multiple sources of input is not only convenient, but also more efficient.  Enter your events or to-do’s by text or handwriting.  The Apps engine was designed to integrate each module’s to-do’s and notes. We all have different ways of organizing ourselves and therefore, we have different modules that fit different needs. The Projects module integrates your to-do’s and notes all under one view.  Our goal with the Projects module was to make it visually easy to picture the structure of your projects, thereby making it simpler to be organized.  We designed Projects to be intuitive, easy to use and powerful. 


Although InFocus Pro is one App, it is really five Apps packaged in one.  Having five Apps in one and integrating them was a huge challenge.  We have many more ideas to make it even better.  We hope you enjoy the App.  Please feel free to email us with any suggestions.

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