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iPhone & iPad Organizer!

A Powerful yet easy way to get organized! All-in-one organizer app featuring a Calendar, To Do list, Checklist, Projects and Notes.  

InFocus Pro

All-In-One Organizer


Personalize your calendar by adding an image from your phone and adding a blur effectIts. Simple layout, with a variety of views, allows for effortless switching between Day, Week, Month and List mode.


Organize your day with color coded calendars.  Enter your data quickly by handwriting in color for a personalized look and feel.



Gestures make it simple to enter your critical data.  With one finger, drag down and enter text.  With two fingers swipe down and handwrite your to-do’s.  Pinch to add text between to-do’s and swipe left or right to delete.  Drag your to-do to re-order them.  All this is integrated with the Todo and Project modules.  


Conducive for adding simple lists.  Integrated organizational tools make time management easy.



Notes is a powerful module that allows you to add notes and assign it to a Project.  With Notes, you can add text notes, sticky notes by handwriting, pictures and sketches.  Notes allows you to add multiple entries of each.  


Since Notes are integrated with the Projects module, you can easily organize your notes to help you stay productive.



Projects are ideal for managing multiple to-do  lists and notes or when you have complex tasks that have sub components.


Graphically map your projects as folders. Simplify your assignments in an organized outline detailing your projects parameters. 

Stay Organized!

Are you tired of organizers that are either too simple and limited or advanced but too complex?  InFocus Pro was designed to be flexible and easy to use.  Visually organize your projects, automatically organize your to-do’s, quickly jot a sticky note, sketch something, and assign it to a project name.  It’s like having five Apps in one: Calendar, List, Todo, Projects and Notes.  It’s powerful yet simple!

InFocus Pro

A Powerful yet easy way to get organized

Calendar with List, Day, Week and Month View

Stay Focused!

Prioritize your tasks, categorize and sort them, highlight the level of progress, priority, due date, and more... Sequence your tasks alfa numerically to ensure important tasks get done first. Tabbed reports let you track and manage you tasks in a format that is most effective for you. Display your critical action items in a snapshot so you do not need to guess what requires your immediate attention. 


Focused attention on what is important to you helps streamline your success and goals. Enter your data quickly by handwriting in color for a personalized look and feel. Leverage our tools and you will see it boost your performance.

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